Friday, January 18, 2008

Musical meme

My friend Alyson just posted a meme of sorts--a list of 25 random songs from her iPod Shuffle. Here are mine:

1. Take the Skinheads Bowling--Camper VanBeethoven
2. Get Rhythm--NRBQ
3. Barrel of a Gun--Guster
4. Whole Lotta Trouble--Cracker

5. Hounds of Love--Kate Bush

6. Dimelo--Marc Anthony

7. Groove is in the Heart--Deee-Lite
8. No Rain--Blind Melon
9. Loser--Beck
10. Nelson Mandela--Specials
11. Teenage Lobotomy--Ramones
12. Woodstock--Joni Mitchell (Miles of Aisles version)
13. Rubber Band Girl-Kate Bush
14. Boys Keep Swinging--David Bowie
15. Rip Her to Shreds--Blondie

16. Horses-Patti Smith
17. Love Me Like a Man--Bonnie Raitt
18. Afro--Erykah Badu
19. Pulp Culture--Thomas Dolby
20. Cancer--Joe Jackson
21. Tattooed Love Boys--Pretenders
22. Gloria--U2
23. Superstar--Lauryn Hill
24. Are You Gonna Be My Girl?--Jet
25. Sing Me Spanish Techno--New Pornographers

*Here's a live performance of Whole Lotta Trouble . (WLT is the second song in the set.)