Sunday, November 18, 2007

I won an iPod!

Reluctantly, I stayed home from work on Wednesday and Thursday because of a stomach flu (which has promptly turned into a head cold).

ANYWAY, my workmates just informed me that I won an iPod at Thursday's TLC wrap-up party! (TLC, The Learning Challenge, is our library's Web 2.0 staff development project.) Woo Hoo!

I am very grateful for the TLC program, not just because of the iPod or the Joe Jackson CD that I won. If it weren't for TLC, I wouldn't have started this blog which has become my new pastime. Through blogging, I've met some wonderful people online like Miss New Orleans and Alkelda the Gleeful.

The Library 2.0 project has made me love my job and appreciate my coworkers even more. It has also enhanced my friendship with sister Shermanettes, Thursday and Imogene. When we're not busy weeding, ordering new materials, performing literature-based puppet shows, writing scripts, presenting story time programs, making lesson plans, moving furniture, writing publicity, singing, cleaning closets, compiling bibliographies,learning new dance steps, defending the First Amendment, planning events, teaching research skills, serving on committees, recommending books, attending meetings, teaching early literacy classes, giving tours, and working at the reference desk, we have great fun throwing sheep at each other on Facebook.