Monday, December 31, 2007

Guster and the La's

I discovered another great CD: Lost and Gone Forever by Guster. This cover photo was shot by the great artist, Philip Jones Griffiths.

For some reason, I was expecting Guster to sound like Weezer. (Maybe because both names end in -er?) Instead, the music reminded me more of the La's and R.E.M.

Speaking of the La's . . .
One time a friend told me that she thought it was wrong for the Christian band Sixpence None the Richer to allow their song There She Goes to be used in a birth control pill commercial. "Ha!" I replied. "That song was written by the La's, not Sixpence!" My friend said, "Ugh. You are so Jack Black, you record store snob!"

It turns out that my friend was right. Although the La's wrote the song, Sixpence's version was used in the commercial.

Which version do you like best?
The La's:

or Sixpence?