Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New year's resolution

My new year's resolution is to eat more carbs. I've been on the Atkins Diet for the past 5 days, and I'm absolutely miserable. I lost 7 pounds, but who cares what I look like anyway? I'm a librarian not a movie star!

Speaking of librarian stereotypes, check out this post by the Annoyed Librarian. I agree with everything except the last three paragraphs. I must be a sap, but I'm really dedicated to the profession, and I think most of my coworkers are, too.

ANYWAY, it's been a really lazy day. Marc went fishing, and I overslept. When I woke up, I ate some low-carb ricotta cheese, drank a couple of Diet Cokes, talked on the phone, did a bunch of crossword puzzles, watched Comedy Central, walked the dogs, and played online karaoke. I didn't have anything to read because I finished reading all my library books yesterday.

I think I'm going to go hunt down some carbs before I turn into a troll and start gnawing on the furniture. Since the grocery store is closed, I'm probably going to have to settle for some stale Wonder bread and microwave popcorn.

Happy New Year!