Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Record Store Day & National Library Week

Since Record Store Day and National Library Week collided this year on April 19th, I celebrated by gathering  library quotes from some of my favorite record players.

I met my wife Elizabeth when she was a library assistant in college I frequented the library often and my grades went up. 
--Mike Bortke

As a wee Beatle-infected child at home in my room, reading about music was the perfect companion to listening TO music … especially after the parental units had yelled in the direction of my record player: "Turn that DOWN!" Once I "grew up" (sort of) and became an actual music maker myself though, the library was always the ideal place on the road on tour to settle down and let ones ears cool off. Until whoever was driving the van would yell "C'mon Gary, let's Go! We're LATE!"
--Gary Pig Gold

I used to read Rolling Stone in my school library. It was there that I first saw pictures of the CBGB crowd....some of whom are my friends to this day!
--Richard Citroen

 I had two greet aunts who were Oakland librarians for over forty years each. One became head of purchasing as well as the History archives. She dropped out of high school to work at the library. The other was branch librarian. The love of libraries runs in the family.
-- Christie Eikeberg Sulaiman

Without books and films, I would never have picked up a pen in earnest…
--Alan Moore

ps. Don't worry if you missed Record Store Day. To make up for it, I recommend pre-ordering the new Camper Van Beethoven album, El Camino Real. Every day is a good day to buy music.