Friday, April 18, 2014

National Library Week 2014

Happy National Library Week! To celebrate, I asked some of my music friends how libraries have influenced their lives.

I couldn't afford sheet music in high school. The public library was the source of probably 75% of the music I learned to play during those years.
 --Jessica Auck
Jessica Auck

Literature is the single biggest influence in my life. There really is such a thing as a time machine. It's called a book. Our band has incorporated famous literary quotes and classic poetry into all our albums. One of our most popular songs is "I'm in Love with a Librarian."
 --Doug Fredericksen
Doug Fredericksen

I used to go to the University of Oregon library and copy old folk songs out of a few books they had there. Old English ballads and whatnot.
--Joel Swensen
Joel Swensen, my brother

I started playing guitar after I became a teacher some 25 years ago. I soon realized how many poems and stories I could bring to life through song. I had a parent that suggested I play for a story night at our public library. I did and it became a regular thing. It lead to a radio show on public radio and a band I play in plays annually for the library's Fall Festival. The library is a wonderful place for community and the written, and spoken word. I love the way stories cater to all ages.
--Kevin Barry
Kevin Barry

I know a lot about the history of Rock & Roll through reading, and it helps on my radio show. Go to WMFO.ORG Saturdays 1pm to 4pm.
--Brian Young
Brian Young

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance . . . It changed me.
--Jason Ohiyesa Crossman

Hooked on Phonics changed my life!