Thursday, June 30, 2011

Made in America

Here are some great children's books about construction in America:

Weaver, Janice, and Bonnie Shemie. Building America. Plattsburgh, N.Y: Tundra Books, 2002. Print.
Learn about our country's most famous buildings, how they were built, who designed them, and what makes them unique.

Hopkinson, Deborah, and James Ransome. Sky Boys : How They Built the Empire State Building. New York: Schwartz & Wade Books, 2006. Print.
This is a fictional story about a young boy who watches the Empire State Building being constructed brick-by-brick near his neighborhood in Manhattan.

Low, William. Old Penn Station. New York: H. Holt, 2007. Print.
The old Penn Station building was much more attractive than its modern replacement. I'm sad that I never got to the see the original which was demolished in 1963.