Saturday, September 11, 2010


video by Spike Jonze

Here are a few of my favorite pop/rock songs that have a religious theme:

Let it Be by The Beatles

Whenever God Shines His Light by Van Morrison
It's really fun to sing along with Cliff Richard's back up vocals.

Morrison, Van. Avalon Sunset. S.l.: Exile Productions, 2008

Praise You by Fat Boy Slim

Fatboy, Slim. You've Come a Long Way, Baby. NY: Astralwerks/Skint, 1998.
Gloria by U2
When I met Bono back in 1982, I was so starstruck that all I could say to him was, "Gloria is my favorite song ever." He asked why, and I was too tongue-tied to elaborate.

Serve Somebody by Bob Dylan

Dylan, Bob. Slow Train Coming. New York, N.Y: Columbia, 1979.

My Sweet Lord by George Harrison

I Can't Wait to Meetchu by Macy Gray