Monday, October 13, 2008

Patti Smith and Christina Aguilera

I adore Patti Smith. Her writing is amazing and I love her gritty, rock and roll voice. I read in Spin Magazine that she is a Christina Aguilera fan, and I think that's kind of cool.

And speaking of Patti Smith . . .

ere's my rendition of Because the Night by Patti Smith and Bruce Springsteen.

I know it's kind of lame to spend time crooning into my laptop, but the opportunity to sing with a live band seldom arises anymore now that I'm a librarian.

Jazz in the library, circa 1999

The Shermanettes only sing a capella.

Shermanettes Summer, 2008

Shermanettes Halloween, 2007

BTW, I made sure that the artists receive royalties from

Also, you can buy Patti Smith's music here and Christina Aguilera's music here. Check out the official Patti Smith website:
She's an Obama fan, too. Man, that woman has impeccable taste.