Thursday, October 9, 2008

Michelle O

I just discovered a wonderful blog called Mrs. O. It's a photo journal of who and what Michelle Obama is wearing. Here are three of my favorite outfits:

She looks amazing in this purple sheath.

She wore this taupe number to an LGBT luncheon.

I love this elegant neckline.

Want to try these great looks for yourself? Believe it or not, most of her clothes are pretty affordable. Like us mere mortals, she shops at J. Crew and H&M!

ps. To be honest, these days I limit myself to Target. Thank goodness for Isaac Mizrahi!

I get a lot of wear out of this scalloped skirt that I bought on sale for only $5:

This flowery sundress was about $20:

I like my modestly cute swim skirt a lot, too.

pps. Have you ever seen Unzipped, the documentary film about Isaac? It's really funny. I liked his talk show, too.