Saturday, November 3, 2007

How I met my husband

I met my husband six years ago at the best Mexican restaurant in Florida, Las Fajitas. Back when I was single, I used to get really lonely on weekends. Instead of eating lunch alone in my condo, I'd go to visit my friends at Fajitas and practice speaking Spanish.

One Sunday afternoon, I was at the lunch counter when I noticed a Gorgeous Guy sitting a few seats away from me. I had to meet him. I quickly decided to bring him into the conversation I was having with Monica the Waitress. She and I were trying to decide which CD to play next, Frank Sinatra or Marc Anthony. I asked Gorgeous Guy what he wanted to hear. He said Sinatra. I pretended not to hear him. This gave me an excuse to move in closer. I walked over to his seat, and saw that he was wearing a t-shirt with a big star on the back. I thought it was a picture from the album, No. 4 by the Stone Temple Pilots. Another chance to make conversation! I said, "I like your shirt. Are you a Stone Temple Pilots fan?" My future husband said, "Thanks. STP's okay, but the star on my shirt is actually the logo for a brand of surfboard wax. " I said, "Oh, you surf? Which beach?"

We talked on and on, got married, and lived happily ever after.