Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday girl

It's fun to work at the library on Sundays. There are more opportunities to practice speaking Spanish, it's usually busy, and I often get to meet the extended families of our storytime children.

Yesterday was an especially good Sunday because my relatives stopped by to say hello. My Aunt Antonia and Uncle Dante (pictured above) are spending a couple of days in Cooper City with my Uncle Donald, Niece Mary, and Nephew Joe. (All three of whom have new NSU library cards!)

Next week Aunt Antonia and Uncle Dante will return to their home in Ramona, California. (Their property was not damaged by the wildfires, thank goodness.)

My relatives were very impressed by our library. They loved the artwork, especially the piece by Therman Statom. (It's my favorite, too.) Sometimes I take it for granted that we work in such a beautiful environment with such intelligent people. After my first day of work here back in 2003, I told my mother that I had died and gone to library heaven.