Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Leonard Cohen, K.D. Lang, and Sheryl Crowe

I love this song. It was written by Leonard Cohen and covered by hundreds of different singers. I like K.D. Lang's rendition the best.

Sheryl Crowe does a nice job with the song, too.

Isn't it odd that they both perform it barefoot? Here is the song's creator, Leonard Cohen, performing it at the Montreal Jazz Festival. I'm pretty sure he was wearing shoes.

The song is often played at memorial services. This is weird because it includes some pretty sexy lines:

You saw her bathing on the roof . . . she tied you to a kitchen chair . . . and remember when I moved in you . . .
Alan Light wrote an entire book about the song Hallelujah and its many renditions. It was featured on npr and received a good review from the New York Times.