Saturday, May 28, 2011


Lerner, Sharon, Susan Jeffers, and Anna Sewell. Black Beauty. New York: Random House, 2009.

Thanks to my husband, I have a new hobby--horseback riding! Marc wisely figured that since I care so much about the horse rescue organizations Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) and the South Florida SPCA, I would probably enjoy actually spending time with the animals. He was right.

My teacher Missy Johnson is the best. She is patient and kind which is important because I have absolutely no natural talent for the sport. I've been going for lessons a couple of nights a week, and since I'm the last lesson of the day, I get to hang out and chat while she feeds and puts out the horses. It's weird, but I really love the smell of the barn.

In honor of my new hobby, here are some classic children's books about horses:

Sewell, Anna. Black Beauty. London: Jarrold and Sons, 1877.

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Goble, Paul, and Robert L. Egolf. The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses. Scarsdale, N.Y: Bradbury Press, 1978.

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