Monday, August 23, 2010

More about Greenland

Greenland coast

As I've mentioned before, one of my favorite Cracker albums is Greenland. I love it for its subtlety, cryptic lyrics, and quiet harmonies. Greenland is definitely a headphones kind of album. (It's not always quiet, though. Sometimes it just plain rocks, so you might want to watch the volume.)

Thanks to David Lowery's new blog, 300 Songs, Greenland is just a little bit less puzzling to me now. In today's post Lowery tells the story behind the song Where Have Those Days Gone and he also hints at the meaning of the album:

"If anything this song and much of the album Greenland are a portrait of 'The Lost Coast' of California."

Oregon coast (photo from

When I was little, I visited the Oregon side of The Lost Coast. It really did feel like another world with its jagged cliffs, cold summer temperatures, and massive sand dunes. I imagine that Greenland feels like another world, too. I will probably never be brave enough to travel to Greenland, though. I get nervous whenever I'm too far away from a major metropolis.

ps. Visit tomorrow to learn more about Cracker's Greenland.