Thursday, April 9, 2009

God Bless the Child

For the past few days I've been out sick with a bad cold. It's so lonely staying home. I'm really psyched to see my friends when I go back to work this afternoon. My dogs may be great company, but they're lousy conversationalists.

Anyway . . .

When I'm sick, I like to sing the blues. Here's my very rusty rendition of the Billie Holiday hit, God Bless the Child. Warning: I don't sing it half as well as the incomparable Lady Day, but lucky for me, it's not a competition.

Here's Diana Ross's version:

And here's the real deal:

God Bless the Child - Billie Holiday

Ahhhh . . . the lovely Miss Lady Day.

Weatherford, Carole Boston, and Floyd Cooper. Becoming Billie Holiday. Honesdale, Pa: Wordsong, 2008.