Sunday, September 21, 2008

Voting in Florida

It's really hard to vote in Florida. Yes, I'm one of the idiots who voted for Buchanan by mistake in 2000. Allow me to explain. I had never seen a butterfly ballot before, and I was in a rush because I was on my lunch break. As soon as I spotted Gore's name, I quickly punched a hole. When I went back to double-check before submitting my vote, I saw that I had poked Buchanan by mistake. I tried to get one of the poll workers to help me, but no one was around. After a few minutes, I gave up and punched a gazillion holes in the correct box for Gore, and rushed back to work.

The second time I voted in Florida,
I WAS TURNED AWAY AT THE POLLS. I showed my voter registration card which stated that I was in the right place, but the poll worker took one look at me and said I had to go vote someplace else. I showed him my card again, and he said that it was wrong, and told me to go vote down the street. I said, "where down the street?" and he shrugged his shoulders. I asked to see a supervisor, and he told me that the supervisor was busy, and then he shooed me away! Boy, was I mad. When I got to work, I called the County Supervisor of Elections, and they told me to come to their office to vote. When I arrived at the office, they checked the computer which showed that I HAD BEEN RIGHT ALL ALONG, and they apologized profusely for the misunderstanding.

The next time I tried to vote in Florida, the poll worker told me that my signature was wrong. He called over another worker who agreed with him and said that there was no way that my signature was the same as the one on my card. They called over the supervisor who had me sign again, but at a higher surface. He determined that I was in the right, apologized for the knee-high table, and let me vote.

I finally figured out how to avoid being harassed at the polls--I either vote a few days early, or I send in an absentee ballot.