Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Last night I watched a rerun of the 19th Annual GLAAD Media Awards on Bravo. Musician, Rufus Wainwright won the Stephen F. Kolzak Award for his role in fighting homophobia in the entertainment industry.

Although I'd heard his name before, I hadn't heard his music. I'd assumed he was the same guy who played with Chaka Khan. I have since learned that Rufus is the name of the entire band, not one guy, and that Rufus Wainwright sounds nothing like Rufus, the band.

Check out Wainwright's video, Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk:

The song reminds me of the lyrics to one of my favorite Cracker tunes, Big Dipper:

Cigarettes, and carrot juice
And get yourself a new tattoo
For those sleeveless days of June.


Although I'm sure Rufus Wainwright is a great guy, I still prefer the original Rufus.

Rufus (Musical group), and Chaka Khan. Rags to Rufus. Universal City, CA: MCA Records, 1974.