Friday, October 19, 2007

The movie star

This picture was taken at my 7th birthday party. I'm playing pin the tail on the donkey with my cousins Jo Anne and Allen. You may recognize Allen from his film work; he is best known for his role as the limo driver in The Wedding Singer.

I love all of Allen's movies, but I think he looks especially handsome in Big Daddy. My grandmother (his Aunt Evelyn) really loves 50 First Dates, but she was a little annoyed that Allen didn't pay her a visit when he was in Connecticut filming Mr. Deeds.

You can check out Allen's movies at our library, or buy them at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. DVD's make great Christmas and Chanukah gifts. They're so easy to wrap! And speaking of Chanukah, Allen is featured on Adam Sandler's comedy album What the Hell Happened to Me which includes the hit single, The Chanukah Song.